Lawyer require urgently for filing PIL

Harmless paypal account holder, domain investor, is finding that her payment from foreign vendors is being blocked repeatedly by the local intelligence and security agencies, especially CBI, who have been allegedly been bribed by google, tata,
CBI, NTRO employees are allegedly making fake allegations without any proof of money laundering,security threat against the domain investor, and have not been able to provide any proof of money laundering, security threat in the last 7 years, despite wasting tax payer money to put the paypal account holder under surveillance.
Looking for a honest lawyer who can file a PIL to ensure that the government ends the investigation, as the domain investor is denied her fundamental right to privacy and to earn a fair living due to the surveillance by indian intelligence and security agencies.
All the government employees, especially in panaji, goa who are blocking the payment from foreign customer should be identified, asked to justify the abuse of their discretionary powers, to end the daily financial losses to a harmless indian citizen, who has not broken any law.