Specialist in slander and lies

The failed human cloning , identity theft experiment clearly proved that the local intelligence and security agency employees are specializing in slander and lies, especially if they have been paid to, allegedly by google, tata.
When there never was any legally valid proof, why did the poweful local intelligence and security agency,cbi employees, waste so much time and money misguiding a large number of people , ruining the reputation and life of a harmless citizen who has not harmed anyone, interfered in the life of anyone, who these government employees have never interacted with.
It exposed the dark side of the indian intelligence and security agencies, why interfere in the life of a private citizen , why waste indian tax payer money, their time and resources to slander her, spread false malicious rumors without any legally valid proof
No one other than google is benefiting from the slander, why do the indian government employees utilize their time and resources more productively.