NTRO employees waste tax payer money for 7 years trying to frame a harmless domain investor

In a clear indication that ntro employees are freelancing for google, tata for more than 7 years , powerful ntro employees have been trying their level best to frame a harmless domain investor, to justify their theft of her resume, retirement savings, correspondence. At first these cunning ntro employees like puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, who are excellent actors, pretended that they were helping the domain investor, so that they could steal her resume
Now that ntro employees have stolen the resume of the engineer for goan sex workers and other google, tata sponsored frauds , they have stopped acting that they are trying to help, however they continue to steal her correspondence and have kept the stolen money of the experienced domain investor, engineer, so that they can enjoy themselves with the stolen money
NTRO is so poorly managed that despite news of the fraud being published extensively online, no action is taken against the ntro employees for wasting tax payer money, resources for framing a harmless indian citizen, google competitor