R&AW/CBI blocking Linkworth payment denial of fundamental rights

In a clear case of abuse of power, in Panaji, goa, a domain investor is finding that the corrupt local CBI/R&AW employees are blocking the payment due to her from the US company Linkworth, without a legally valid reason, denying her fundamental right to earn a fair living. The linkworth payment was due on 10 april 2017, and till 15 April 2017, the payment has not been made to the paypal account of the domain investor.
On 14 April 2017, the domain investor added a new ad from linkworth hoping that her payment would be processed quickly, however till 15 April 2017, the payment was not yet processed, allegedly because the cruel fraud CBI/NTRO/R&AW employees freelancing for google, tata told linkworth not to make the payment. Google is ruthless in destroying competition, and after stealing the resume, retirement savings of a google competitor, now it has asked the freelancer CBI, R&AW employees to block the Linkworth payment due to the google competitor
The CBI, R&AW, NTRO employees are getting a large monthly indian government salary, yet they are like cruel animals completely devoid of humanity and honesty, and they are ruthless in blocking the payment due to a small online business owner without a legally valid reason to waste her time following up and to cause financial difficulties. The small business owner has spent a lot of time and invested money to make the small amount, yet the google, tata employees are ruthless in blocking the payment.