I Had a Plan for My Residence and a Job

It took me awhile to get hired on with a really good company in the area where I wanted to live. I had been scoping out apartments for rent in 30339 and I really liked the area. Sure, I could have chosen some other area, but I wanted to be near most of my family and friends. I wanted to be near the businesses that I typically frequent and have for years. And I figured it would be best to see if I could find a company in that same area that I could work at. I knew that it might be a long shot, but it never hurts to try. I knew that if I didnt find something in that exact area, I could find something close.

I do not like long commutes to and from work. When I grew up, both of my parents had to work in a city that was 3 cities away from our home. That was becuase it was too expensive to live int hat big city we lived near, and they did not have the money to move for a very long time. This means they spent 2 hours in the car on the way to work and then did the same thing every night after work. It meant that we did not get to see them as much as we wanted to.

My plan to live and work in the same area turned out to work really well. I have a teaching degree, and I found two schools in that area that I could apply at. I am an art teacher, and I applied to both schools. And I was really happy to receive an invitation from both schools to work! I picked the one that I liked best, and then I found a pretty place to live nearby.