Our First Apartment Together is Fantastic

When I started dating my boyfriend nearly ten months ago, I knew he was the one on our third date. He said all the right things and made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered, and he just gave me butterflies that still have not gone away. I suspected he felt the same way, and I knew that he did when he got down on one knee a few weeks ago to ask me to become his wife. Most girls want to plan their weddings at that moment, but I wanted to find the perfect apt for the two of us to share as soon as we said our I do’s.

I am so much in love with him that I would rather forego the huge wedding that takes at least a year to plan and just start our lives together as quickly as possible. I am not the type to live with someone until we are married, and he feels the same way. We are going to get married in a very quiet ceremony with just our family and very close friends, and we will have a picnic reception at my parent’s house.

That means I have been able to focus my time on finding the right apartment, which I knew was at the Regency as soon as I saw the floor plans there. I really like everything there as far as amenities too, and the rent is definitely affordable between what we both bring home on our paychecks. When I showed him the one bedroom apartment, he really liked it too. We are filling out the application today, and we are getting married in two weeks. Hopefully, we will be moving our furniture in the week before our wedding, and then we will start staying there the same day we become husband and wife.