We Have a San Antonio Apartment That Accepts Us and Our Dog

I was grumbling pretty much non-stop when we looked at our budget and saw that we could not swing owning our own home yet. We do not just jump into things. We were tapped out on what we could do with overtime, and our lease at our apartment was up. There was no way we were renewing it. We were wanting to move to one of the Alamo Heights apartments in San Antonio instead. I was not in the mood to be impressed since we were not going to realize our home ownership dream yet. However, I could not help it once we checked out the new apartments in person.

Pictures give you an idea, but then you have to visit to see and feel what a place is like. Having a friendly greeting from our new neighbors before we signed the lease was a real plus. I am kind of reserved about people, and I liked the people my wife and I met right away. The person showing us the apartment was really nice too. The amenities then sold me. My wife had already done all her research and was convinced this was the place for us. She just had to let me discover that on my own. Yes, you can say I am kind of stubborn. Okay, I am very stubborn!

Anyway, we have a fireplace, huge closets and hardwood floors. The interior of our place is very modern. The place also has a fitness center on site, and they have a dog park and will accept our dog. That was a must. There was no way we were getting rid of our dog just to move into a new apartment. She is family to us. We treat her like she is our daughter. It is nice to have found a place that really feels welcoming to all three of us.