Indian media covers dirty talk, not identity theft of women entrepreneurs

In a clear indication of the misplaced priorities of the indian media, minor matters like dirty talk of a famous Venture capitalist is covered in the mainstream media extensively as sexual harassment, while very serious issues like identity theft of harmless women entrepreneurs and engineers by ntro, cbi employees has been ignored by all the online and offline publications in India.
The sexual harassment charges of women like Pooja Chauhan, Wamika Iyer and others has got widespread media coverage, however the cowardly and dishonest indian media refuses to cover the true story of how the sundar pichai led google, tata masterminded a major identity theft fraud on india’s largest female domain investor and a harmless single woman engineer with a btech 1993 ee degree.
It is very likely that the indian media is blindly believing the malicious slander of the cunning fraud ntro, cbi, google, tata employees who have been making completely fake allegations without any proof at all, against the harmless google competitor for more than 7 years without any proof, or there are some companies like google, tata who will never get any negative coverage in the mainstream indian media though they are openly involved in sex trade, human rights abuses, identity theft frauds
Powerful fraud ntro, cbi, raw employees are falsely claiming that google, tata sponsored goan SEX workers slim goan obc bhandari slut sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar and others who never answered JEE, have the resume, investment of their female btech 1993 ee classmate to get these sex workers, frauds R&AW/CBI jobs with monthly salary, because these goan sex workers are offering SEX bribes to the powerful sex starved indian government employees in a clear case of sexual exploitation of women

Bahujan samaj advocate working as accountant

It appears that in goa the extremely casteist shameless intelligence and security agency employees are very brazen in openly humiliating, insulting and denying opportunities to the non upper caste individuals . Any intelligent, hardworking and honest bahujan samaj person is deemed to be only suitable for accounting jobs . .
For example for more than 5 years in goa, the shameless dishonest intelligence and security agency employees have been defaming the domain investor who actually owns and controls the website as doing only accounting work while they shamelessly and falsely claim that their lazy greedy mediocre relatives and friends like goan gsb frauds cbi employee housewife riddhi nayak, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, who do not spend any money own this website. like the pakistan army which is making fake claims without any proof the shameless fraud powerful top officials in goa have no proof at all to show that their lazy greedy mediocre cheater relatives and friends are spending money on the domain names or control the websites, however they repeat their lies like parrots for 7 years since 2010
However the VVIP google, tata sponsored goan obc bhandari R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina chodnekar 2013 bsc , is an exception to the widespread discrimination against OBC, probably because she has some powerful brahmin Sugar Daddies like NTRO employees J Srinivasan, Puneet J and the powerful cunning Brahmin officials are using the mediocre lazy greedy goan sex worker sunaina to divide the obc community in Goa. These cunning brahmin officials are aware of the fact that the greatest achievement of the google, tata sponsored goan R&AW employee SEX worker sunaina will be the fact that she had SEX with many powerful top cbi, ntro, indian government employees, sex worker sunaina is not capable of achieving anything else. So they are using the goan obc sex worker sunaina to deny an experienced obc engineer the income and opportunities the engineer deserved
Though these goan fraud R&AW/CBI employees have not contributed to the online business in any way, since 2012 in goa, india’s largest female domain investor has been viciously defamed as only doing accounting work, while the shameless fraud cbi, ntro employees falsely claim that their lazy greedy mediocre relatives and friends are doing work online, to get all these google, tata sponsored fraud women lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with monthly salary. As usual the ntro, cbi employees cannot provide any evidence supporting their lies, only make fake statements like the pakistani army accusing jadhav
The taxi driver from the airport to panaji, had a similar story. He was saying that his friend form the Bahujan Samaj was an advocate and very intelligent, he tried very hard to get a suitable government job. However he found that most of the government jobs were mainly reserved for brahmins /upper caste in Goa and the advocate was forced to work as an accountant in a construction company in Porvorim
When will the casteist intelligence and security agency employees in Goa be honest and acknowledge that non upper caste individuals are also qualified professionals, investors in the tech sector, stop falsely labelling them as accountant

Indian security agencies too busy stalking, sexually harassing harmless indian women to prevent Kashmir problems

In a clear indication that india is a very poorly governed countries, indian security and intelligence agencies are wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money and resources in stalking, sexually harassing, exploiting and cheating harmless indian women, especially trained engineers to solve real problems like the Kashmir issue. Since 2010, some of the most powerful top indian intelligence and security agency, cbi, ntro employees have wasted a huge amount of resources and tax payer money trying to ruin the physical and mental health of a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and google competitor, monitoring all her activities and doing everything possible to cause mental stress.
Lawyers have indicated that this is a widespread problem in India and many other single indian women are facing the same problem of harassment by indian intelligence and security agency employees who cannot be identified or held accountable. If india was a well governed country, a real leader would have asked these security agency employees to stop abusing their powers to harass harmless single women , and focus their attention to the really serious problems like kashmir

R&AW/CBI blocking Linkworth payment denial of fundamental rights

In a clear case of abuse of power, in Panaji, goa, a domain investor is finding that the corrupt local CBI/R&AW employees are blocking the payment due to her from the US company Linkworth, without a legally valid reason, denying her fundamental right to earn a fair living. The linkworth payment was due on 10 april 2017, and till 15 April 2017, the payment has not been made to the paypal account of the domain investor.
On 14 April 2017, the domain investor added a new ad from linkworth hoping that her payment would be processed quickly, however till 15 April 2017, the payment was not yet processed, allegedly because the cruel fraud CBI/NTRO/R&AW employees freelancing for google, tata told linkworth not to make the payment. Google is ruthless in destroying competition, and after stealing the resume, retirement savings of a google competitor, now it has asked the freelancer CBI, R&AW employees to block the Linkworth payment due to the google competitor
The CBI, R&AW, NTRO employees are getting a large monthly indian government salary, yet they are like cruel animals completely devoid of humanity and honesty, and they are ruthless in blocking the payment due to a small online business owner without a legally valid reason to waste her time following up and to cause financial difficulties. The small business owner has spent a lot of time and invested money to make the small amount, yet the google, tata employees are ruthless in blocking the payment.

The US labor department has accused google of gender pay discrimination – real reason

The real reason for gender pay discrimination at Google is close kept secret which the mainstream media refuses to cover, Google likes to hire only good looking, sexy women as a company policy , however often these women are faking their resume , experience, online work.
One of google’s preferred method to destroy competition, is to subject the competitor to identity theft, falsely claiming that good looking mediocre women have the impressive resume of the google competitor . In India it is able to get these mediocre good looking fraud women lucrative indian intelligence jobs at the expense of the competitor, however in USA, it is forced to hire these mediocre women.
Since these women are not productive as they have fake resumes , google is naturally paying them less than their male peers who are not faking their resume, experience

Advocate Satish Sonak, R.I.P

The media on Saturday 8 April 2017, announced that noted social activist and lawyer Satish Sonak had collapsed in JFMC court at Patto on 7 April 2017, of a heart attack and could not be revived when admitted to Goa Medical College. He was only 59 years old. He led a hectic life and on 7 April 2017, he was supposed to appear at the Goa Human rights commission at 11.30 am for fighting the case of lamanis .
Satish Sonak was well known in Goa as a student leader, social activist, and had fought numerous Human Rights cases with the Goa Human rights commission. It is idealistic leaders like Satish Sonak, which ensure that panaji, is one of the better towns in India, where citizens can express their views freely without being labelled as a security threat.
Paying tribute to Satish Sonak, the lawyer activist Aires Rodrigues on HCN said that Satish Sonak was a simple and idealistic man, who was probably the only well known lawyer in Goa, who did not own a four wheeler. Though Herald and Times of India carried a report on Satish Sonak, and HCN also carried the news of the funeral, surprisingly a major newspaper in Goa did not carry any news of the tragic death of Satish Sonak . There is probably more to the story, than the media has reported

Slander of goan gsb fraud mafia a clear case of corruption

For 5 years, the shameless cunning goan gsb fraud mafia of caro, mandrekar, nayak and others have viciously stalked and defamed a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and paypal account holder in goa, because they were allegedly bribed by google, tata to do so.
It is clear case of abuse of power by indian government employees, corruption why were these intelligence and security employees wasting their time, tax payer money and position, to spread false rumors about a harmless private citizen, google competitor, to destroy her reputation and make it difficult to earn a fair living
In most states, the intelligence and security agencies will leave a harmless private citizens, domain investors alone, they will not spread false rumors, circulate photos and videos and falsely claim that their relatives and friends own the business, assets of a private citizen
If a large company like google, or tata wishes to hire a private citizen, why are indian government employees getting involved, with the goan gsb fraud mafia viciously slandering the private citizen
Why do government employees in goa not have the honesty and courage to tell these companies that they do not want to get involved, it is a private matter

Lawyer specializing in corporate espionage required

Domain investor is interested in hiring a lawyer who specializes in corporate espionage, to help in taking legal action against large corporates and NTRo employees freelancing for these corporates who are involved in the following cybercrimes
– hacking laptop repeatedly
– deleting files on laptop
– stealing emails, smses, phone calls, postal mail
– stealing data on laptop
– routing internet connection
– installing malware
– slander and defamation, spreading false rumors

Lawyer who can work on pro bono basis preferred, please indicate fees and other details to

Lawyer require urgently for filing PIL

Harmless paypal account holder, domain investor, is finding that her payment from foreign vendors is being blocked repeatedly by the local intelligence and security agencies, especially CBI, who have been allegedly been bribed by google, tata,
CBI, NTRO employees are allegedly making fake allegations without any proof of money laundering,security threat against the domain investor, and have not been able to provide any proof of money laundering, security threat in the last 7 years, despite wasting tax payer money to put the paypal account holder under surveillance.
Looking for a honest lawyer who can file a PIL to ensure that the government ends the investigation, as the domain investor is denied her fundamental right to privacy and to earn a fair living due to the surveillance by indian intelligence and security agencies.
All the government employees, especially in panaji, goa who are blocking the payment from foreign customer should be identified, asked to justify the abuse of their discretionary powers, to end the daily financial losses to a harmless indian citizen, who has not broken any law.

Rewarding eighth standard pass gujju housewife cbi employeee naina indicates the true colors of indian government

The mediocre lazy greedy fraud cbi employee eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, who is promoted by the extremely corrupt shameless fraud intelligence and security agency employees in panaji, goa, shows the real reason why the indian government is wasting indian tax payer money on the beti padhao, beti bachao campaign.
The cbi employee eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina has openly admitted that she has no computer or internet knowledge yet the indian government, especially in goa is wasting a huge amount of tax payer money to promote her as an online expert, domain investor and pay her a monthly government salary, at the expense of the real domain investor who is getting nothing despite being well educated and the real online expert.
Naturally when indian citizens are seeing how the security and intelligence employees especially cbi are worshipping uneducated housewives like naina, getting her cbi job, salary with fake resume at the expense of the engineer, they are naturally realizing that the official indian government policy is to reward uneducated mediocre fraud women, harass educated women, especially women engineers.
So many indian citizens are not prefering to have daughters because they do not want their daughters to be humiliated, exploited, tortured so that uneducated housewives like naina, goan call girls like sunaina, siddhi and other frauds get R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence jobs faking their resume.
Domain investor looking for legal help to end the resume theft by the google, tata sponsored cbi employee eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons