Fraud ntro employee j srinivasan torrid extra marital affair with google, tata supplied panaji prostitute bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan 2013 bsc

Since 2010, the powerful brahmin fraud ntro employee j srinivasan has mercilessly hounded his harmless btech 1993 ee classmate, a harmless single woman engineer, google competitor and domain investor falsely claiming to be very concerned about HONESTY, TRUTH AND TAX EVASION.
Yet since 2012 the powerful Fraud ntro employee j srinivasan is involved in a very torrid EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIR with google, tata supplied slim panaji prostitute bhandari R&AW employee sex worker sunaina chodan 2013 bsc HAS SHAMELESSLY LIED to dupe companiess, countries and people that the google, tata supplied goan sex worker with a 2013 bsc was his btech 1993 ee classmate to get the goan sex worker a lucrative R&AW job at the expense of his real btech 1993 ee classmate .
The fraud j srinivasan also has no qualms wasting indian tax payer money on the lazy greedy goan bhandari sex worker, falsely claiming that the goan sex worker R&AW employee who is only interested in having SEX with powerful fraud men,and does not invest any money, time online, is an online expert and domain investor to deny the google competitor the income and opportunities she deserved
When will powerful fraud ntro employee j srinivasan honestly admit that he is MADLY IN LOVE WITH THE PANAJI PROSTITUTE RAW EMPLOYEE sunaina who is only providing sex services to government employees, Does j srinivasan’s wife know about senior ntro employee j srinivasan extra marital affair with a vvip goan bhandari sex worker sunaina?

After wasting time for 4 years shivalli brahmin R&AW employee cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar extra marital affair with brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet exposed

If the google competitor and domain investor had kept quiet about the theft of resume, savings, correspondence and memory by the brahmin fraud ntro employee puneet, he would have continued to defame, cheat, exploit and torture her for the rest of her life with his great natak of faking help for her.

However as soon as she realized that the cheater puneet was not going to reply to her, the google competitor, exposed the extra marital affair of google, tata sponsored shivalli brahmin R&AW employee bengaluru cheater housewife bbm nayanshree, wife of a tata power special electronics division employee with the fraud brahmin ntro employee puneet wasting a lot of the google competitors time and money
It appears that after exposing the fraud of puneet, j srinivasan, vijay, patel, parmar repeatedly for 4 years , it appears that someone has realized that he and others are shameless cunning liars with no morals or humanity exploiting a harmless single woman for personal gain or hatred

So realizing that the google competitor, domain investor is a harmless private citizen with no powers, who has been brutally exploited and cheated, at least some people are leaving the google competitor alone, allowing her to lead a normal life

When google competitor complains of defamation, and cheating, NTRO, google, tata employees falsely accuse her of defaming

In a classic example of dishonest, doublestandards of NTRO, CBI, google, tata, When google competitor complains of defamation, and cheating by ntro, google, tata employees these cunning shameless fraud, NTRO, google, tata employees falsely accuse her of defaming, being a security threat to defame, cheat and exploit her further.

The google competitor can easily and legally prove that she is being defamed, when the indian government falsely claims that 10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other fraud R&AW/CBI employees have her resume including btech 1993 ee degree, investment, and paypal account.

Just as newspaper reporting a proven fraud like the vijay mallya case are not defaming, the google competitor is also not defaming, the factually correct news is being posted so that people, companies and countries are not duped.

Income tax returns, bank details will expose NTRO, CBI, R&AW, google, tata’s defamation of google competitor since 2010

Many of the problems faced in India like poverty, corruption, low job growth, are due to the fact that the most powerful indian government employees are also the most dishonest, shamelessly abusing their powers for personal gain and hatred. They are ruthless in defaming without any proof at all, cheating and exploiting the google competitor because they are getting money, sex, job bribes to do so.
When their lazy greedy sex partners, relatives, friends are not doing any work online, not investing any money online, and do not have their own paypal account, on what basis are indian government, google, tata employees making fake claims that these women own the paypal account, domain names of the google competitor.
When Income tax returns, bank details will expose NTRO, CBI, R&AW, google, tata’s defamation of google competitor since 2010 , why is indian tax payer money being still being wasted to defame a harmless private citizen who has not broken any law at all, why refuse to acknowledge the time and money she is investing online .

Google competitor has to waste her time and money daily to expose NTRO employees fraud and lies

Usually indian government employees do not interfere and make fake claims about small businesses, their ownership and other details . However allegedly bribed by google, tata, since 2010, the fraud ntro employees led by puneet, j srinivasan, have been making complete fake claims about the ownership and other details of the online business of a harmless google competitor, to defame, cheat, exploit and torture her , and get their lazy greedy mediocre inexperiencedgirlfriends lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs with monthly indian government salary at the expense of the google competitor.
The indian government refuses to acknowledge the fact that the powerful ntro employees are shameless liars forcing the google competitor to waste her time daily posting disclaimers about the lies and fraud of the ntro employees who are wasting indian tax payer money to defame, cheat, exploit and torture her. It is a very brilliant fraud of google, tata, as the ntro employees cannot be identified or held accountable by a private citizen
Income tax returns , bank details will expose the lies of the ntro employees who are making fake claims to destroy the life of the google competitor out of hatred,greed.

Google competitor fights lonely battle against fraud NTRO, cbi, google, tata employees defaming her

Powerful fraud ntro, cbi, google, tata, raw employees are involved in a major fraud on a harmless google competitor, wasting crores of indian tax payer money to defame, cheat, exploit and torture her. As a harmless private citizen, there is no reason why indian intelligence and security agencies should be interested in her as there is almost no way she can cause any harm to anyone
Yet the fraud ntro employees are misusing her name, falsely claiming to be knowing her very well, to steal her resume, interfering in her life, when they should not bother her in any way at all, like most other indian citizens .
Now that the ntro employees have committed a very great fraud on the harmless google competitor , these ambitious cunning fraud ntro employees are not willing to leave her alone , and are wasting crores of tax payer money trying to cover up their great fraud on her

Ambitious greedy fraud ntro employees sexually harass, cheat and exploit harmless google competitor for a decade

To further their career, ambitious greedy fraud ntro employees sexually harass, cheat, defame, torture and exploit a harmless google competitor for more than a decade, wasting crores of indian tax payer money in the process.
These ntro employees will do anything to further their career, and stealing the impressive resume, savings of a harmless single woman engineer, domain investor and google competitor , was one of the most dishonest frauds of the powerful cunning ntro employees led by the light eyed brahmin fraud puneet, j srinivasan, patel, parmar, vijay
They were never interested in contacting her in any way, those from the 1993 ee class and batch who wanted to contact her, did so through social media, yet they shamelessly misuse her name to steal her resume, deny her the income and opportunities she deserved
If they are so status conscious, why are they are using her name, interfering in her life, wasting indian tax payer money

Illegally married gujju school dropout housewife cbi employee is india and goa’s role model

In a clear indication of the rampant fraud, corruption and nepotism in NTRO, CBI, R&AW, security agencies, in 2017, the indian government, cbi allegedly bribed by google, tata are wasting a huge amount of indian tax money pampering and paying a monthly indian government salary a semiliterate illegally married eigtht standard pass gujju housewife naina , mother of two sons ,falsely claiming that the semi literate gujju housewife has a btech 1993 ee degree and owns domain names of a google competitor.

Goa’s vvip schoool dropout semiliterate cbi employee naina has openly admitted that she was married at the age of 16 and has only completed eighth standard , when the legal age for marriage for women in India is 18 years, However to encourage child marriage and discourage women from completing their education , the indian government is pampering the eighth standard pass gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons , wasting crores of rupees of indian tax payer money to dupe people, companies and countries worldwide that the semiliterate gujju housewife, who has never operated a computer, owns domain names of a google competitor

It is a reflection of the complete lack of morals, integrity, honesty of the shameless section 420 fraud security and intelligence employees in goa, that they do not appreciate merit, hard work, education and pamper a school dropout married at the age of 16 to get her a monthly cbi salary at the expense of a obc bhandari single woman engineer

I’m Happy to Live in a Nicer Place with My Relatives

Is not uncommon to drive by homes that are for sale and see that a real estate agent has put out a nice brochure portraying everything in the house that prospective buyers want to see when they stop by to pick up the brochure. In my email last week, I was innterested to see that apartment complexes now make the same type of brochure in digital form, and one particular place emailed a nice one out to prospective customers. It said to click here so that is what I did. They really got my attention. The website is really professional and inviting. The apartment complex itself looked amazing.

I had not really been in the market for a new place. So, at first, I wasn’t in any particular hurry to go by to see any of their available units. Continue reading

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I think that my parents were relieved when I told that I meant that I was going to look for my own place. One of the things that really helped, is that my father said that he would help me with my first year’s rent. Continue reading