I Feel Much Safer Now

I am a very cautious person, mostly because I am a young female who is alone a lot of the time. I wish I did not live in a world where I have to take self defense classes or carry pepper spray in my purse, but at least I am a realist about the state of the world. Not long ago, I saw an advertisement for ADT in Houston, and I was very interested in learning more about it. I had recently moved into a house into the suburbs, and I thought that it would be a good idea to have a security system.

I went to the website to get as much information on it as I could, and I was happy with everything I read. I was also surprised. I have a good job, so I was prepared to pay a decent price for a home security system, but it is actually not expensive at all. Continue reading

We Use My Favorite Alarm Company in the City We Moved to

I always felt proud of the fact that I lived in a sleepy town of only 6,000 people and crime was rare there. The same was true of the other sleepy towns next to mine. However, I needed a job with better pay, so I knew that I needed to live in a bigger city. I made sure that ADT in Cincinnati was available before I started thinking of that city as a good one to look for a job in. I’ve always heard about crime in the larger cities in my state, and I wanted to make sure that I am prepared.

One problem with living in smaller towns is that wages are often not high, although the cost of living is closer to what other larger cities may demand. Being newly divorced with two kids meant that I needed to find ways to budget better. I did my best, but I found that I was struggling to stay afloat. I knew that my low salary wasn’t going to cut it. One emergency can wipe a person out financially if they are always struggling with money. I began looking at Cincinatti as an option for living and working and found that I could make better pay if I moved here so that is what I did.

Once I realized that my favorite alarm company does offer alarm service here, I began looking for a good neighborhood to live in and a good job in the area. I ended up applying to 10 different companies, and 6 of them invited me for an interview. Soon after, I received 4 job offers. Each of the jobs came with a salary much higher than I’ve ever made before! I accepted the job that paid the most with the best benefits and job details that sounded the most enjoyable. I’ve been here 6 months now with my kids and we really like it.

Now brahmin fraud ntro employee mhow cheater powerful PROSTITUTE PAMPERER puneet threatening his btech 1993 ee engineering classmate with death

For more that 8 years brahmin fraud ntro employee mhow cheater powerful PROSTITUTE PAMPERER puneet, light eyed director of a domlur, bengaluru company has ruthlessly defamed without any proof at all, cheated, exploited and sexually harassed his harmless btech 1993 ee classmate, stolen her resume, savings, memory and correspondence, falsely claiming to help her .

The brahmin cheater puneet also pampered the lazy greedy goan PROSTITUTE RAW employes bhandari sunaina chodan, goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, shivalli brahmin fraud nayanshreee, indore document robber veena and others falsely claiming that they were working online, when he was aware of the fact that his call girl, fraud girlfriends were not doing any work online, not investing any money online, and are least interested in doing so in future also

After 8 years of duping people, the engineer has finally realized that the ntro employee mhow cheater powerful PROSTITUTE PAMPERER puneet is a shameless liar, cheater, faking his relationship, involved in a banking, Paypal, online fraud which can be legally exposed. Now that she is telling everyone that the ntro employee puneet is a fraud, he and his associates are threatening his btech 1993 ee engineering classmate whose identity he has stolen with death using voice to skull technology , so that their identity theft, financial fraud will not be exposed

kangana ranaut look alike shameless greedy goan GSB FRAUD HOUSEWIFE Cbi employee riddhi nayak panaji’s top robber

Not satisfied with stealing the resume , correspondence of a harmless single woman bhandari engineer with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai to get a cbi job with monthly salary for the google, tata sponsored kangana ranaut look alike shameless greedy goan GSB FRAUD HOUSEWIFE Cbi employee riddhi nayak , the shameless cruel greedy fraud goan mafia of caro, mandrekar, nayak, pritesh chodankar are also regularly ROBBING the memory of a harmless google competitor, engineer, without a legally valid reason to make her a google, tata slave, so that the goan gsb fraud riddhi nayak, and others get a monthly R&AW/cbi salary without doing any work, without investing any money

India has a population of more than 1.3 billion, there are many male indian domain investors owning far more domain names, yet ntro, indian government is only targetting the google competitor, a harmless engineer for ROBBING MEMORY without a legally valid reason, without any compensation since 2010, a clear case of discrimination, human rights abuses

However the greedy shameless goan gsb fraud mafia lacks the humanity and honesty to admit the fact that they are stealing memory of a harmless private citizen, to increase the profit of google, tata

To avoid paying salaries, google,tata associates file fake cases against innocent google competitor

In one of the greatest financial and legal frauds, in 2010 onwards google,tata associates have filed completely fake cases without any proof at all against an innocent harmless google competitor, so that the bribe taking ntro employees could steal her memory, intellectual property, savings, identity, correspondence, without a legally valid reason for more than 8 years
Google,tata were helped in their intellectual property theft, sex, bribery racket by the fraud ntro employees j srinivasan, puneet, parmar,vijay and others who faked their relationship, help for the google competitor, so that they could divert and steal all the information about those who made fake allegations, so that the google competitor, engineer was never given any opportunity to defend herself
These fraud ntro employees were aware of the fact that if the engineer, was provided details of those who were making fake allegations against her, and the nature of these allegations, the engineer would easily defend herself as she has never interacted with them and file a case against those making fake allegations for defamation, extortion and end the defamation, cheating and exploitation forever

So in 2018, the ntro employees continue with their fake help and intellectual property theft racket, so fraud it and internet companies like google,tata can avoid paying salaries, helping them increase their million dollar profit, while the google competitor continues to work like a slave,without getting any kind of compensation for her intellectual property which is stolen by ntro employees freelancing for google,tata since 2010

NTRO employees continue to protect their fraud associates who made fake allegations without any proof against the google competitor

One of the best examples of the fact that ntro employees are defaming harmless domain investors without proof, to cheat and exploit them, is how they are refusing to provide any kind of information about their fraud blackmailer associates who are making fake allegations without any proof against the google competitor since 2010.

For more than 8 years, google competitor has been defamed, cheated, exploited and tortured., her savings, identity, memory, and correspondence stolen without a court order or legally valid reason, by the cunning fraud ntro employees who faked their relationship and help so that they could defame, cheat and exploit her for the rest of her life

Now the google competitor is tired of being cheated and exploited, she is doing everything possible to end the fraud of fake help and fake relationship of ntro employees who actually hate her and will do everything possible to destroy her life at the earliest.

The ntro employees should realize that there is a limit to how much their fraud victim will tolerate, if they were telling the truth and had nothing to hide, they should provide information about the fake allegations made by their associates to the google competitor , to defame, cheat and exploit her , so that she can defend herself and lead a normal life .

If these associates of the ntro employees were telling the truth, they would have nothing to hide, however the ntro employees like mhow cheater puneet, j srinivasan are aware of the fact that their associates are liars, so they are continuing to protect their fraud associates, refusing to provide any information like the nature of the allegations, name, address of the person making the allegations

Why do ntro,j srinivasan and others not get negative news about themselves removed if it is incorrect

Usually if a person or organization is innocent, they will ask the person posting the negative news to correct it, and send their side of the story which they will get published. Otherwise the media is free to publish negative stories of frauds like the Vijay Mallya loan default, Nirav Modi, PNB fraud and other scams

While Namepros members from India managed to get the namepros thread exposing identity theft of female domain investors in India closed, the domain investors wonders why the indian domain investors are not trying to get the content on other websites removed if it is factually incorrect. The simple reason why the indian domain investors do not have the courage and honesty to get the identity theft news removed from the website

They can easily contact the website admin and get the content removed if it is factually incorrect. However the ntro employees are like nirav modi, looting the indian tax payer , so just as nirav modi does not try to get the negative news removed, the ntro employees who are also involved in a banking fraud like nirav modi , are not trying to get their negative news removed

CBI, R&AW, NTRO pampering and rewarding an indore housewife veena for her crime under section 378 of the indian penal code

In clear proof that the indian intelligence and security agencies are easily the greatest frauds in India, CBI, R&AW, NTRO pampering and rewarding a google, tata sponsored bespectacled indore housewife veena who looks like actress deepika padukone for her crime under section 378 of the indian penal code, of stealing the documents of a google competitor, her relative who made the mistake of trusting the indore crook

The fraud bespectacled indore housewife veena who looks like actress deepika padukone is only looking after her house and family, has never invested any money in domain names in her life, yet because she stole the documents of the domain investor, her relative, committing a crime under section 378 of the indian penal code, the indian government, google, tata, CBI, R&AW, NTRO in 2018 are so determined to reward frauds for their criminal activities that brahmin fraud NTRO employee puneet has got the indore document robber veena a R&AW job falsely claiming that the indore criminal has the resume,investment of her victim to pay the indore document robber a monthly indian government salary at the expense of her victim

The indore document robber is well settled in indore with her husband and son,yet cbi is the top crime, and bribes agency of india, so it continues to pamper the indore criminal for her IPC crimes falsely claiming that the indore criminal is in goa, owning the bank account of her victim, so that the indore criminal housewife gets a monthly raw salary at the expense of her victim

Cheater, liar Goan officials caro, mandrekar, nayak,pritesh chodankar refuse to acknowledge education, experience of bhandari single woman engineer with good JEE rank

Allegedly bribed by google, tata, shameless Cheater, liar Goan officials caro, mandrekar, nayak,pritesh chodankar refuse to acknowledge education, experience of bhandari single woman engineer with good JEE rank and falsely claim that their lazy greedy prostitute relatives sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, friends like indore document robber veena, nayanshree hathwar who never answered JEE, have the impressive resume, investment of the engineer

Goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan , 2013 bsc has not studied engineering ,not worked as an engineer, and spends most of her time at home, yet the goan bhandari officials led by the shameless liar cheater pritesh chodankar are refusing to acknowledge the single woman bhandari engineer who actually has a btech 1993 ee degree , has worked in one of the largest companies in India and falsely claims that his sex worker relative has the experience of the engineer.

medical records will also legally prove that pritesh chodankar is a shameless liar and fraud as his call girl relative sunaina chodan was not born in 1989 to give JEE and get a btech 1993 ee degree, yet the top goan officials led by pritesh chodankar, nayak are shameless greedy liars and frauds, who have wasted a lot of tax payer money in trying to frame a harmless single woman engineer

Indian internet sector worse than film industry in cheating and exploiting women

Though saroj khan was widely criticized in the mainstream media, she was honest in saying that women who use the casting couch in the film industry at least get enough work and make money. This is unlike the indian internet sector controlled by google, tata which ruthlessly defames, cheats and exploits women domain investor to pamper world famous goan prostitutes sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, document robbers indore frauds bespectacled veena, deepika , other cheater housewives like goan gsb fraud housewife riddhi nayak, brahmin fraud nayanshree hathwar, gujju school dropout naina, asmita patel, ruchika and other frauds.

The women exploited in the film industry are also allowed to make enough money to lead a reasonable quality of life, while the woman, domain investor exploited by google, tata, ntro, cbi, raw, security agencies makes almost no money because of the google, tata, NTRO, R&AW, cbi policy of pampering, rewarding world famous PROSTITUTES, FRAUDS, DOCUMENT ROBBERS, CHEATER HOUSEWIVES

The indian internet sector is controlled by extremely selfish, greedy animal like men, who are ruthless in destroying the life of the women they have exploited, and do everything possible to ensure that she is not making any money at all, blocking her payment,closing her account, unlike the film industry, which has some humanity and allows the women who are exploited to make enough money.