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The quest for a zealous advocate
A look at the borderline illegal hostile takeover , talent, technology acquisition tactics used in the indian internet sector, the difficulty getting legal help
Though the Sheena Bora murder case received comprehensive coverage in the media online and offline, the accused, her mother Indrani Mukherjea was able to get a lawyer Gunjan Mangla to defend her in court and provide legal advice. However it is almost impossible for a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder who has been viciously defamed without proof, denied her fundamental right to privacy and to earn a living, tortured daily, sexually harassed to find a zealous advocate or lawyer to provide proper legal help and end the atrocities, sexual harassment.
There are many lawyers who like to claim that they are fighting for womens rights to get publicity in the mainstream media in India, however there is no lawyer in India who will fight or defend a harmless innocent woman if the most powerful officials in Indian security and intelligence agencies, Google, Tata hate her and want to destroy her life. The single woman engineer has contacted almost 8-9 advocates to end the sexual harassment, cheating, atrocities she is being subjected to.
For example naina kapur law took up the case of ntro female employees who complained about a spycam installed in the toilet of the office, However when a harmless single woman engineer, Paypal account holder wanted legal help to end the sexual harassment and human rights abuses, she refused to take up the case, verbally on phone, saying that the harmless single woman obc engineer would need a criminal lawyer. However the phone calls of the obc engineer are diverted to the lazy greedy goan gsb frauds extortionist housewife riddhi siddhi mandrekar because fraud R&AW, NTRO officials, allegedly bribed by google, tata falsely claiming that these inexperienced mediocre goan gsb frauds are Paypal account holders, domain investors and their Btech 1993 EE classmates, so verbal claims may be manipulated.
Allegedly R&AW employee, especially pampered lazy greedy goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar who committed corporate espionage on the single woman obc engineer and was allegedly rewarded for her crime with a lucrative R&AW job, falsely claiming to have the resume of the engineer she cheated, managed to mislead the lawyer that the harmless obc engineer had a criminal record, when actually the harmless obc engineer has no case against her. Earlier allegedly google, tata had been paying people to make false allegations against the obc engineer, domain investor, however these false allegations are not legally valid.
Indian intelligence and security agency officials believe that repeating complete lies for years without proof, will make their lies come true. However though the most sophisticated technology like mind reading, voice to skull, is being misused to defame the harmless single woman engineer, domain investor, she had realized that these officials have no legally valid proof against her. These officials have also stolen the retirement savings of the single woman engineer for twenty years, without a court order or legally valid reason in a cheap attempt to blackmail the engineer.
On the other hand, the obc engineer, paypal account holder finds it extremely difficult to get any help against those who have cheated her, with bengaluru cybercrime refusing to take any action at all against the shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar who looted the obc engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, despite providing all the proof of payment and cheating by the brahmin nayanshree hathwar.
So employees who are sexually harassed, tortured and exploited find it relatively easy to get legal help, small business owners, especially single women find it almost impossible to find a honest, sincere zealous lawyer to provide genuine help and resolve all the problems they are facing. The attempt to get legal help, fees to be paid and other information will be provided.
It is time people are aware of how indian tax payer money is being wasted to cause great pain to small business owners, especially domain investor to ruin their health and finances. Any organization which can help end the daily human rights abuses, wastage of tax payer money, can send an email to info@webconcepts.in
Companies, law firms and individuals providing affordable legal help to small business owners, sexually harassed women interested in a free listing and review of their website can send an email to info@webconcepts.in. The website is currently under construction
The following lazy greedy frauds diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, bsc obc sunaina, brahmin cheater riddhi,nayanshree hathwar, veena, ruchika, asmita patel, allegedly sponsored by Google, tata, paypal, who have allegedly got permanent jobs in r&AW for their section 420 cheating, corporate espionage, lies and sex bribes to top officials are not associated with the website in any way at all, though the shameless top officials in the indian internet sector continue to waste infinite indian tax payer money to spread complete lies that these sluts and cheater own the domain names. None of the lazy greedy sluts and cheaters want to spend a single paisa on domain names, then why do top officials falsely claim that the sluts and cheaters like riddhi siddhi, sunaina, asmita patel and others own the domain names?
Due to the appointment of known frauds. The greedy good looking GSB cheater riddhi siddhi's powerful fraud friends and relatives specialize in defaming webmasters,domain investors so that the mediocre lazy greed gsb women in goa get great powers for doing nothing at all. Like all frauds these pampered cheater women and their powerful friends and relatives will never justify their lies openly

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