Fees, legal ethics of advocates, lawyers in india

Though the Sheena Bora murder case received comprehensive coverage in the media online and offline, the accused, her mother Indrani Mukherjea was able to get a lawyer Gunjan Mangla to defend her in court and provide legal advice. However it is almost impossible for a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder who has been viciously defamed without proof, denied her fundamental right to privacy and to earn a living, tortured daily, sexually harassed to find a zealous advocate or lawyer to provide proper legal help and end the atrocities, sexual harassment.
There are many lawyers who like to claim that they are fighting for womens rights to get publicity in the mainstream media in India, however there is no lawyer in India who will fight or defend a harmless innocent woman if the most powerful officials in Indian security and intelligence agencies, Google, Tata hate her and want to destroy her life.

The single woman engineer has contacted almost 8-9 advocates, online websites, to end the sexual harassment, cheating, atrocities, human rights abuses, torture she is being subjected to. The quest for a zealous honest advocate to fight for a harmless engineer, domain investor denied her fundamental rights, legal fees