We Have a San Antonio Apartment That Accepts Us and Our Dog

I was grumbling pretty much non-stop when we looked at our budget and saw that we could not swing owning our own home yet. We do not just jump into things. We were tapped out on what we could do with overtime, and our lease at our apartment was up. There was no way we were renewing it. We were wanting to move to one of the Alamo Heights apartments in San Antonio instead. I was not in the mood to be impressed since we were not going to realize our home ownership dream yet. However, I could not help it once we checked out the new apartments in person.

Pictures give you an idea, but then you have to visit to see and feel what a place is like. Having a friendly greeting from our new neighbors before we signed the lease was a real plus. I am kind of reserved about people, and I liked the people my wife and I met right away. The person showing us the apartment was really nice too. Continue reading

An Airsoft Gun That Looks Real

I am a member of a group that recreates all kinds of things for the public. We do wars, futuristic events, and everything in between. Some of it is based in reality, and some is purely imagination. We have a lot of fun with it, and the crowds that gather to watch our re-enactments really enjoy seeing history played out this way. Those are my favorite things to do, but that could be because of the airsoft guns that we just recently bought to help make it more realistic too.

We were using wooden replicas, but it was obvious they were not real guns at all. A small detail like that can really make all the difference between a person just watching a re-enactment or believing that they are actually witnessing something real. Because of the type of group that we are, we are allowed to purchase airsoft guns, which is really cool. They look like the real deal, and the selection we are able to choose from would make any gun enthusiast happy. Continue reading

Police refuse to investigate complaints against well connected brahmin cheaters

Powerful officials are making fake allegations without proof against the engineer, to cheat, exploit, torture her, on the other hand, the obc engineer, paypal account holder finds it extremely difficult to get any help against those who have cheated her, with bengaluru cybercrime refusing to take any action at all against the shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar who looted the obc engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, despite providing all the proof of payment and cheating by the brahmin nayanshree hathwar.
So employees who are sexually harassed, tortured and exploited find it relatively easy to get legal help, small business owners, especially single women find it almost impossible to find a honest, sincere zealous lawyer to provide genuine help and resolve all the problems they are facing. The attempt to get legal help, fees to be paid and other information will be provided.

Non consensual human experimentation and other atrocities on harmless citizens

Indian intelligence and security agency officials believe that repeating complete lies for years without proof, will make their lies come true as they understand human psychology very well and are aware of the fact that repeating lies can create the illusion of truth.

However though the most sophisticated technology like mind reading, voice to skull, is being misused to defame the harmless single woman engineer, domain investor for 7 years since 2010, she had realized that these officials have no legally valid proof against her.

These officials have also stolen the retirement savings of the single woman engineer for twenty years, without a court order or legally valid reason in a cheap attempt to blackmail the engineer.

Fees, legal ethics of advocates, lawyers in india

Though the Sheena Bora murder case received comprehensive coverage in the media online and offline, the accused, her mother Indrani Mukherjea was able to get a lawyer Gunjan Mangla to defend her in court and provide legal advice. However it is almost impossible for a harmless single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder who has been viciously defamed without proof, denied her fundamental right to privacy and to earn a living, tortured daily, sexually harassed to find a zealous advocate or lawyer to provide proper legal help and end the atrocities, sexual harassment.
There are many lawyers who like to claim that they are fighting for womens rights to get publicity in the mainstream media in India, however there is no lawyer in India who will fight or defend a harmless innocent woman if the most powerful officials in Indian security and intelligence agencies, Google, Tata hate her and want to destroy her life.

The single woman engineer has contacted almost 8-9 advocates, online websites, to end the sexual harassment, cheating, atrocities, human rights abuses, torture she is being subjected to. The quest for a zealous honest advocate to fight for a harmless engineer, domain investor denied her fundamental rights, legal fees