Indian society becoming more unequal, dalits find it difficult to get help

It appears that there is slowly a fundamental change in the attitudes of the top government employees towards indian society, earlier there was an attempt to help those who are poor, now those funds are being reduced. The Times of India reported that in the last two years, there was a drastic reduction in the funds available to Dalit students, many of whom, were very poor, and required the money to pay for their tuition fees. Most of the money was coming from the central government and the states were only providing a small amount.
While the states are still interested in helping the dalit and poor, there is a definite change in the attitude of the central government towards lower caste students, they are no longer required, and the lack of scholarship money which was available earlier, has forced many students to drop out of college. Usually government funding for education increases as the population increases, however it has reduced drastically. This clearly indicates that will rising unemployment, the government allegedly does not more dalits to get educated .
Educated individuals are more confident, less likely to tolerate atrocities, and more likely to fight those who are cheating, exploiting them. As indian intelligence and security agencies are becoming brazen,shameless about reserving lucrative jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy fraud relatives, friends,usually upper caste like shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, educated dalits/lower castes appear to be unwanted , and the indian government is indirectly discouraging them from getting a degree by making scholarship money unavailable.