Goan government employees promoting sex workers, frauds lack morals, honesty

Intelligence and security agency employees are extremely powerful, yet in goa they are completely lack in honesty, humanity and professionalism, when they are falsely claiming that goan sex workers are online experts, paypal account holders and domain investors .

Just because large companies allegedly google, tata are promoting the goan sex workers and other frauds as part of their sex trade racket, there is no official reason for indian government employees to abuse their powers and spread false rumors about domain, paypal account ownership, defaming and exploiting the real paypal account holder.

If the indian government employees are honest they will stick to the facts, and acknowledge the real paypal account holder, however google, tata are extremely vicious in defaming the paypal account holder , so a large number of people and companies in goa, especially panaji, have been duped that the goan sex workers are online experts to get the sex workers great powers, a monthly R&AW salary.
Looking for legal help to end the widespread slander of the domain investor especially in panaji, goa