Even NSA acknowledges that fraud NTRO employees ruthlessly cheated and exploited the google competitor

Though NSA dislikes the google competitor, even they are honest enough to admit that the fraud NTRO employees led by the fraud puneet ruthlessly cheated and exploited the harmless google competitor, falsely calling her their “girlfriend ” so that they could steal her resume, savings, correspondence and memory without a legally valid reason.

NTRO is ruthless in causing losses to the google competitor at every opportunity, blocking almost every payment, however some NSA associate posted an ad on one of the blogs mentioning” I have a nice girlfriend” (who can be cheated and exploited for the rest of her life to improve the career of the ntro employees) in an indication that the ntro fraud on the google competitor faking help to cheat and exploit her, has become notorious worldwide.

,biz domains blocked with BSNL