I Feel Much Safer Now

I am a very cautious person, mostly because I am a young female who is alone a lot of the time. I wish I did not live in a world where I have to take self defense classes or carry pepper spray in my purse, but at least I am a realist about the state of the world. Not long ago, I saw an advertisement for ADT in Houston, and I was very interested in learning more about it. I had recently moved into a house into the suburbs, and I thought that it would be a good idea to have a security system.

I went to the website to get as much information on it as I could, and I was happy with everything I read. I was also surprised. I have a good job, so I was prepared to pay a decent price for a home security system, but it is actually not expensive at all. I thought the monitoring services would be pretty high too, but they are so reasonable that just about anyone should be able to afford to have one if they want one. I did have some questions, but the site answered every single one of them.

I scheduled an appointment for someone to come out and install the system, and they were very prompt. He took his time installing everything so it was correct, and then he was very patient when I had a lot of questions on the actual pieces of equipment. That first night when I set the alarm on before going to bed, I felt a peace that I wasn’t aware I was even missing. I know it is not fail proof, but I also know that someone wanting to break into my house is going to probably change their mind when the ADT signs are seen!