A Security System with No Landline

When I first started thinking about getting a security system, I saw that you had to have a landline to have it. I have not had a landline in nearly 20 years as I have always used my cell phone as my only phone. Even when national calls cost, I still used my cell phone because I just did not make or receive many calls back then. I started looking into security systems again once I heard of ADT CellGuard. which is just a security system that can be used with cellular phones rather than landlines.

Even though I live in an area where there is not a lot of crime, I knew that it could happen at any given time. Just because I have good neighbors does not mean that crime will never touch us. In fact, one neighbor had his car vandalized not long ago, which is just a sign of the times. That is one of the reasons why I was interested in getting the security system now that I could find one that does not require a landline. I was really glad that it is ADT too, because they are the most reputable security system company I know.

I have done a lot of research on them since discovering this, and everything from their technicians and equipment to their monitoring service is top notch. I looked at the different packages they have to offer, and I was once again impressed. It did not take me long to determine which one I wanted, and a technician was out installing it on my next day off. I feel much safer having this system in place, and I know that the signs in my yard will make anyone think twice about doing damage since it will be caught on video. I hope my neighbors follow suit and get a system too to make our neighborhood safer once again.