I Got a Job in a Casino

Of course I never really thought about how sophisticated these guys are when it comes to trying to catch people who want to cheat them. However if you think about it, then it is obvious. The casinos have piles and piles of money, people would like to take it from them and not all of them want to do it honestly. At any rate my job is to manage the cameras, although some of the people here do not do the job with cameras. These two guys at work have apartments for rent in Summerlin in Las Vegas or I mean that the two of them want a third roommate to share this place with them. I was willing to hear them out, particularly since they were talking about this place as though it was the greatest thing in the history of great things. I honestly thought that they were full of it, but I went down there on my day off to check out the place.

It was in fact really nice, with one of those really awesome resort style swimming pools. I figured out why they needed a third roommate at first sight of the place. It was obvious that the place would cost a huge amount of money, especially if you were forced to split the cost two ways instead of three ways. This other guy at work was keen to move in with them, but I knew after a few days why they did not want to have anything to do with it. I can tell that he is not going to be fun to live with and the guy is all over the place. You do not want to have a roommate that can not be completely relied upon in a deal like this obviously.