I’m Living the Dream in Florida

When I graduated from college and started looking for apartments for rent in North Bay Village, thanks to getting hired at a local accounting firm, I knew immediately that I would be living the dream. I couldn’t imagine myself living in Florida right of school with a great job. While many of my friends couldn’t find work or returned to work in cold northern states, I was moving to the sunshine state to start a career in my dream field. Surely it couldn’t get any better. But it did when I found the perfect apartment to move into.

Picking an apartment anywhere in Florida is a challenge. Not because it’s difficult to find a place. Most people seem to live in apartments down here so there are plenty of choices. What is challenging is finding one that is affordable and one that is kept up by the owners. I saw many run down places during my researches into various complexes, and almost made a couple of mistakes that would have found me living in a run down apartment on a long term lease. You have to do your research and be very serious about making the right decision.

Having said that, I think I won some type of lottery because this place is so great. The apartments are spacious and tasteful, the people living here are all nice and very friendly, and the office staff really seems to know how to run an apartment complex. If you have a problem, they get right on a solution and even call later to make sure everything got fixed and is running smoothly. I feel extremely lucky and really can’t see leaving this place soon. Maybe if I get a house in the future, but that’s a long way off. For now I’ll enjoy my apartment.