Looking for Apartments with Promotional Deals

I decided that when my current lease expired that I would look for new place to live. I’m somewhat happy in my current apartment, but I’ve really begun to outgrow it. Now that my family is larger than when I first moved in, I really could use an extra bedroom. I’ve been looking for apartments for rent in Colorado Springs. They have a great school system, and now that my kids are old enough to go to school, I should start thinking about these things. In addition to great schools, this area also has nice neighborhoods where I can imagine myself living.

One of the apartments I’m considering is having a move in special, which is really appealing to me. Whenever I can save a little bit of money, I like to learn more about how I can do that. This apartment is offering the first month of rent for free, which sounds like a great deal. That translates to a lot of money saved. I haven’t called in spoken to anyone on the phone about the apartment, but I really do need to. I want to find out what all the requirements are for securing that special. My guess would be that I would need to sign a lease to get the first month for free. It reminds me of similar deals that I’ve seen before, where there was such a requirement.

I know that all have a little bit more free time next week, so I am setting aside a day next week to take care of all this apartment searching business. I will make it a point to call the apartment with the special to find out more information about it. I’ll also see if I’m able to schedule a tour so that I can come down and view the property in person.