My Wife is the One Who Woke Me Up to Something Very Important

My spouse told me the best place for us to live would be in some Atlanta luxury apartments because that would allow us to live in the type of surroundings we have been used to, and we could then take our sweet time about looking for a home about a year or so later. I thought this was a fantastic idea. This made a lot more sense instead of racing there, then rushing to find a good place and not being happy with it over the long run. My wife is pretty smart about these things, so I also listen to her, and give her free rein to do a lot of things for us the way she wants to things.

I would say that I was pretty immature when I met my wife. She’s the one that’s straightened me up and helped me to get somewhere in life. We both lived in a small town, but our home life was very different from one another. She grew up with two loving parents and two siblings. They were always by her side. On the other hand, I grew up in a number of different foster homes. I never felt at home anywhere. I always felt like I was never really loved. As I Grew Older I became very rebellious because of that. When I met my future wife, she almost didn’t go out with me because I was. I was so rebellious.

At some point in our relationship, my wife told me that I needed to make some decisions. She pointed out that she wanted to have a good and peaceful life, and I needed to either settle down, go to college, graduate and get a good job, or she would leave me. I couldn’t bear the thought of being without her. Her words really resonated with me. I worked hard, and now I am the CEO of a very large company and I have a wonderful wife by my side.